We, these are my two sons, my breeding bitch Daffodil (Daffi) and our Senior Gaudi are happy that you have found the way to our site.
Our two dogs come from the breeding "vom Hülser Bruch" and are fantastic working and family dogs, which need a task...
Gaudi and Daffi have a task in the rescue dog work, which they pursue with great enthusiasm.
Labradors are basically very versatile and are therefore suitable for many different tasks. Of course they like to do everything around the apport, search, hunt etc.
Browse our site and have a look at our dogs. Please use the contact box or contact us via email of phone if you have any questions.

Daffodil from Hülser Bruch mated with Cobra Knight on 10. and 11. March. We expect a litter of yellow puppies in the middle of May.  
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Labradore vom Seffenter Wald