Welpen Daffi

We are planning our first litter for the first half of 2019. A male has already been found. Cobra Knight (called Alf ) by Jana Schmitz from Remscheid.


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28.02.2019 Daffodil is in the heat since today. Now we wait for the best day for the                           mating. On average it lies between the 8th and 15th day of the heat. In                           order to really find the best day,  quantitative progesterone tests are                             carried out.

11.03.2019 Daffi was mated twice now. Everything went very well and harmoniously,                        Cobra Knight is a true gentleman. Family Schmitz cared for us competently                     and very nicely, for this I would like to thank you very much. Now it is time                     to have patience until the ultrasound. You can do it after about 21 days to                     see if Daffi is really pregnant.

02.04.2019 Today Daffi was at the ultrasound. We are very happy that we can now                             safely say, that Daffodil vom Huelser Bruch is pregnant  by Cobra Knight.                       We are now expecting yellow puppies with a big desire to work,  who will                       certainly have a strong nature and confidence. Both parents are                                       characterized by a lot of "will to please" and very good nose work. When                       searching, giving up is not an option!













07.05.2019 The puppies are here!

                   Daffi whelped six healthy puppies. Three bitches and three males saw the                       light of day Further information will follow shortly. First pictures you can                         see here.


13.05.2019 The puppies are developing splendidly and Daffi is an expected caring                           and devoted mother. 


23.05.2019 The puppies are growing steadily. Meanwhile all puppies are more than                          three times as heavy as when they were born. With a full belly it sleeps                           and sings much better. While one is still making a ruckus, the other is                             already in the land of dreams. Besides that, the eyes of the puppies open.

01.06.2019 The first steps, the first sounds, the many smells... the puppies have a lot                       to discover. Meanwhile they can walk safely, even if this walking still                                seems a bit clumsy. The puppies interact with each other, with Daffi and                          also with us. The curiosity to be seen is great. The video on the left is from                      27.05.2019, the video on the right from 31.05.2019. Remember: Meanwhile                    the puppies are four weeks old.






12.06.2019 The puppies are already joyfully exploring the garden and the terrace.                           Here they get to know different floor coverings like stone, wood, grass                           tiles and PVC flooring, laid out by us, in order to prepare them for adult life

                   in the most possible way

24.06.2019 The warm weather causes the puppies more and more to go to the cool                         wet. The water affinity is very pronounced with all puppies. In addition, the                    characters of the puppies become more clearly visible from hour to hour.                        The puppies experienced their first car ride on Tuesday. In addition, they                        are already used to dealing with children and toddlers. For data protection                    reasons, we do not want to upload pictures of this for the time being.


Daffi mit Welpe
Daffi mit Welpen
Daffi mit Welpen
 Welpe im Schlummerland
Interaktion der Welpen untereinander

Labradore vom Seffenter Wald