Warum züchte ich?

Why do I want to breed Labradors?

I have had several dogs of different breeds. When my first Labrador Gaudi moved in with me, it was love at first sight. At that time I was in training as a dog trainer, so I tried many different things with him. It was unbelievable how much fun he had in every kind of cooperation. 

Whether mantrailing, rescue dog work, dummy work, visits to old people's homes or hunting training, he even learned elements of a therapy companion dog. We understand each other blindly.

In August 2016, Gaudi was 10 years old, his buddy Skip (German wire hair) just died, then Daffodil (Daffi) came by age of 8 weeks into our family.

From the beginning she showed the same potential as Gaudi. She visits the sheep with me and has the tasks, for which the Border Collie has no time, e.g. pick up poles for fences and collect and bring cords.

Since August 2018 we work together in the rescue dog squadron and she learns very fast.


With all the desire to work, both dogs are relaxed at home and love body contact. I would like to pass on the potential of the Labbis, their "will to please" and their ingenious versatility.

Daffi Sitz.jpg

Wir sind




Labradore vom Seffenter Wald